GC House

Fred Gylys-Colwell

I am currently a software engineer living in Seattle. This web page has links to some of my software.

Here is a short list of software I am currently maintaining:

  • A web application for drawing Spacetime Diagrams. You can also see the old spacetime applet which runs as a Java applet in your browser. This is no longer being maintained.
  • An applet that demonstrates the algorithm used to generate CAT Scans.
  • A Unit Conversionlibrary and Unit Conversion Applet. The applet lets you enter an arbitrary mixed unit, and pick a unit system, like metric or English, and the applet will convert to the correct unit in the other system. There is also a Palm OS application.
  • An applet for drawing the first few Platonic Solids in two, three and four dimensions. It also shows the intersection of these polytopes with a hyperplane. This applet is also an Android application.

Other software and information that I have gathered can be found among the following links: Older Software.